In a highly challenging domain, where continuous change is the only certainty, mastering new technologies is the first necessary tool for designing and implementing valuable services and solutions for the security and digital transformation of the business.


The success of client companies that choose our consulting service to face a digital transformation is of fundamental importance to us. Having completed more than 120 ServiceNow projects, we understand the challenges of those preparing to adopt the Now Platform, and we know how to best help them address them. Our consultants can accompany and guide the transition and allow you to take full advantage of the platform. TOW 80 will be able to help understand how to improve business processes, applying the ServiceNow services and allowing the customer to derive the maximum benefit from them, remaining in line with its objectives.

Our consultancy service includes:

  • assessment
  • business process analysis
  • workshop
  • solution architecture&design


TOW 80 adopts an agile implementation methodology capable of ensuring that the solution meets all project requirements, that the approach minimizes time-to-market and that the configurations adhere to the Best Practices recommended by ServiceNow. By comparing the capabilities provided by the platform with the needs of each individual client, our consultants are able to quickly obtain the maximum value from the Now Platform. Finally, they take care to ensure that all configurations are optimized and open to possible future improvements, in line with company strategies and the evolution of the platform itself.

Our service includes:

  • review & assessment
  • implementazione
  • integration
  • data migration & management.


TOW 80 offers support services after implementation in a highly flexible way, to ensure that the solution becomes an integral part of daily operations. The service can cover simple administration activities up to the complete configuration and evolution of the platform. TOW 80 can take care of maintenance, incident resolution, and make sure that the changes made do not affect performance. Our team is highly specialized and consists of more than 50 consultants with 110+ ServiceNow mainline certifications. He will ensure that the client company always has a stable and optimized system available, with a view to growth.

The support service includes:

  • administration
  • application management
  • platform support
  • custom supports
  • small customization
  • performance assurance
  • upgrade support managed services.


TOW 80 is the only company in Italy authorized to provide teaching on the Now Platform. A team of four TOW 80 instructors has been certified to deliver training within the ServiceNow courses.

Our team offers training in all the ways foreseen by the ServiceNow courses: virtual classes, lectures in the classic frontal form. Furthermore, the “on the job” training option is available: in this way, the customer receives ad hoc training, having the possibility of interacting directly with the various modules of the platform. With this formula, teaching is tailored to the specific needs of the client, according to the type of use made of the Now Platform itself.

The numerous experiences collected by TOW 80 in over 120 ServiceNow projects developed up to now confirm its extreme expertise and reliability.


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We are the first company in Italy that accompanies customers in the Digital Transformation journey with the ServiceNow platform.

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