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We cultivate artificial intelligence
firmly anchored to your reality
so that everyone can reap the benefits.
Services and areas in which we operate

We guide our customers in the world of AI by offering consultancy, innovative solutions and training to fully exploit the potential of the best technologies.

Services and areas in which we operate

Tailor-made solutions for each customer maturity stage and for each professional figure

During the Maturity Check and the Leveling and Framing phases, our professionals involve the correct interlocutors to shape the path to adopting the most effective artificial intelligence.

In all the steps of the “DGS factor AI Journey” we emphasize the centrality of the human and the importance of measuring the effectiveness of the implementation of artificial intelligence, using ad-hoc metrics to quantify the achievable value and monitor the success of uses homes.


Depending on the level of maturity of the organization, in the Leveling phase, and the use of particular AI technologies, we develop and provide ad hoc training courses. Continuous training is fundamental and allows each member of the organization to reap the benefits of the support that artificial intelligence brings.

Deepen some topics with us:

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We develop projects starting from business needs, conceiving, designing and implementing projects that exploit the potential of AI.

We combine market-leading platforms with surprising, safe and reliable products and solutions.

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