The reinforcement and reorganisation of our cyber security laboratories enables us to continue to offer services and solutions that are always in step with the future. We aim to support our customers more strongly in the entire security governance process and make our contribution to the protection of the digital ecosystem.


In a landscape where identities represent the new corporate perimeter to be protected, in an increasingly dematerialised context of cloud and hybrid infrastructures, the increased attack surface amplifies the risk of compromising processes, systems and data, with negative implications for the economy and sustainability.

To protect infrastructures and data from cyber-attacks and to promote energy savings by optimising processes and the use of technological resources, at DGS we have developed an approach aimed at consolidating internal competencies by strengthening, verticalising and reinforcing the organisational structure of our Cybersecurity Labs (CyLABs).

Within these factories, our experts test cutting-edge solutions and technologies from innovative start-ups and leading industry vendors in various fields.

By strengthening and reorganising the Cybersecurity Labs, we are consolidating our expertise to meet the challenges of the industry with greater strength.

Data Access and Governance (DAG)

We study and identify new methodologies and technologies for identifying and mitigating risks to sensitive corporate data to reduce the attack surface and the likelihood of a data breach.