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Information capital


The transformation of companies is based on the collection and analysis of data that tell the story of the past and on the discovery of significant models and insights (intuitions) based on science, techniques and technologies aimed at identifying the causes of events and predicting future developments.

In a highly evolving context like the one we are experiencing, the ability to quickly transform large volumes of inhomogeneous data into useful information marks the watershed between companies and successful companies.

InnovatesApp, with its dedicated competence center, made up of a group of experts from all the main industrial sectors, imagines, suggests and develops the most suitable solutions to create value for the customer.

The offer ranges from classic Business Intelligence solutions based on in-memory computing, to solutions that exploit Artificial Intelligence supported by data mining, machine learning and forecasting techniques. All developed to adapt to the customer’s specificities, using the most innovative real-time analytics tools, where data analysis and interpretation are combined with the timeliness with which messages are made available to the business.

Data Management

The continuous and growing circulation of data makes them a precious resource. The domain of data is a critical success factor for companies, capable of elevating them to a real strategic resource. It is in this context that Innovatesapp offers companies the opportunity to enhance their information assets in order to optimize, speed up or automate company production processes or to achieve specific objectives through the design and development of customized software solutions.

In recent years, we have gained important skills working on complex architectures ranging from predictive maintenance projects focused on the analysis of information collected by sensors, rather than management projects.

Our solutions are developed on the SAP HANA platform, an environment optimized for the acquisition and analysis of large volumes of data in real-time which can replace or support pre-existing systems.

The platform includes standard packages to support business processes such as:

• SAP Asset Intelligence Network: module for the centralized management of corporate assets.

• SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service (PdMS): module for identifying potential critical issues.

• SAP HANA Rules Framework (HRF): module for managing and automating business decisions based on rules and rules services.

It also offers specialized tools for acquiring data from external systems such as:

• SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server: Real-time data replication tool.

• SAP Smart Data Access: data virtualization tool.

Other main advantages that can lead companies to opt for a solution developed on the HANA platform are:

• Scalable multicore architecture.

• In-memory processing of large volumes of data.

• Multi-source data management.

• Reception and Processing of Unstructured Data (Social and Natural Language).


InnovatesApp is synonymous with proven experience in the end to end implementation of the entire SAP Leonardo solution for Industry 4.0 through a team of industry experts.

Our strengths:

• Installation, configuration and customization of the SAP Edge package for the IoT and IIoT to collect, filter, aggregate and monitor data from all devices through a wide range of protocols: file, Rest, MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, etc.

• Configuration of the IoT Services environment for the management of the Edge gateways and the data coming from them.

• Configuration and customization of the SAP PdMS package for equipment management; implementation and training of Machine Learning algorithms.

• Configuration and Customization of the SAP AIN package for the management of Assets and Digital Twins.

Compliant with SAP guidelines, we offer highly innovative and technological solutions capable of using all the dedicated tools for IoT and ML. Strengthened by our methodology, exploring all possible use cases, we optimize products and platforms, configuring the most appropriate solutions. With the implementation of innovative governance models, we ride the new digital culture of Industry 4.0, with the aim of creating greater dialogue between business and IT by building better, more profitable and sustainable models.