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M365 Security


M365 Security

Porini is a centre of excellence dedicated to security, offering comprehensive solutions to address the evolving situation and based on the Microsoft Security platform. 

Our professionals are able to analyse a company’s IT security with the aim of identifying potentially risky areas from the security point of view of the Microsoft onpremise or hybrid infrastructure. The comparison with Best Practice makes it possible to highlight possible vulnerabilities or incorrect configurations in order to suggest Microsoft solutions to apply the correct Remedetion by implementing a strategy and framework capable of defending and responding to attacks that have now become numerous for any target company: from Enterprise companies to SMEs.  

The end result provides customers with a comprehensive overview of their security infrastructure and key information to help them establish the right processes for cyber risk reduction.

  • The Zero Trust Model 
  • Security Awareness
  • Security Governance
  • Security Assessment
  • Consulting, Implementations, Monitoring 
  • Training

Zero Trust is a framework for protecting a company, whether it is totally On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid.  

The main concern today is about identities: managing and protecting them is the first step to a useful and effective approach. With the advent of smart working, devices are not always owned by the company and therefore need to be managed and protected at different levels. Data protection policies must be adopted and corporate applications must be governed. The infrastructure and network must be managed and protected consistently in IaaS, PaaS and On premise logic.