DGS is partner of DR-RISE: a research project for energy efficiency in Europe.

A project, co-funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe programme, aimed at demonstrating the benefits of Demand Response (DR) in the residential sector for the entire energy system.

DR-RISE (Demand Response – Residential Innovation for a Sustainable Energy system) is a research project, co-funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe programme, aimed at increasing energy efficiency and demonstrating the benefits of residential demand response (DR).

Due to the current energy crisis, the European Union is reaching a critical point in the energy transition with the “Clean Energy” package, which contains a series of measures aimed at keeping the EU competitive in this phase of clean energy transition. Demand response (DR), characterized by short-term reductions in energy consumption during peak demand periods to better match supply and demand in exchange for financial incentives, is a promising framework whose potential is completely untapped today. The main objective of DR-RISE is to demonstrate the benefits of Demand Response (DR) in the residential sector, not only for final consumers, but for the whole energy system and the actors involved, including the environment.

To achieve this goal, a holistic set of tools and services will be developed with a twofold objective: to increase energy efficiency through this optimal DR management and to demonstrate the (not only economic) benefits of DR. DR-RISE will provide the necessary digital tools and knowledge to enable consumers to become active players in the energy market, improve their benefits without disrupting their lifestyles and, through an intuitive user interface, empower them in their participation in DR.

DGS, in particular, will collaborate in the definition and application of security-by-design for the data that will be exchanged in DR-RISE tools, through each phase of the development cycle to minimize the risks and vulnerabilities of the system security. In addition, DGS will also develop web and mobile applications to present consumers with the most relevant characteristics and personal KPIs to monitor the energy consumption of their appliances.

The DR-RISE platform will be demonstrated in three different EU countries, focusing on harvesting the most diverse environments (e.g. pre-existing energy communities, smart villages, urban apartment buildings, low-income households, etc.). The approach is fully in line with the EU’s vision of placing citizens at the heart of the solution and empowering them to make informed decisions.

The head partner of DR-RISE is Idener Research & Development Agrupacion de Interes Economico (Seville, Spain). Together with DGS, the project partners are 12 companies and European research institutions.

The project, which began on 6 June 2023 and has an expected duration of 48 months (2023-2027), will benefit from a direct contribution from the European Union of 5.89 million euros against an overall investment plan by the partnership of over 7.79 million euros.

The Kick-off Meeting of the project is scheduled for 20 and 21 June 2023 in Spain, at the Hotel Hospes las Casas del Rey de Baeza in Seville.

This project has been funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101104154.