DGS Factor-IA Center of Excellence Launch

The new “DGS Factor-IA” Center of Excellence marks a significant step forward in integrating artificial intelligence into the business context. This center, stemming from the extensive knowledge and advanced technologies of the DGS group, aims to offer tailored and high-impact solutions for AI implementation in companies.

DGS announces the launch of the “DGS Factor-IA” Center of Excellence, an innovative structure dedicated to the advanced integration of Artificial Intelligence in businesses. Guided by the slogan “We cultivate artificial intelligences firmly anchored to your reality so that everyone can reap the benefits“, it brings together the best of the skills and experiences developed in the group’s various Competence Centers. Its goal is to provide clients with tools and solutions to improve efficiency, promote intelligent automation, and support data-driven decisions, redefining the future of AI in businesses.

DGS Factor-IA arrives at a crucial time for the Italian AI market, highlighted by a 52% growth recorded in 2023, with a market value of 760 million euros. This spending is primarily attributable to large companies, with widespread adoption in the banking, financial, insurance, automotive, energy, and telecommunications industries. The most widely used AI technologies include data analysis solutions (29%) and natural language processing (27%). However, the maturity of AI adoption varies significantly among Italian companies, with only 11% considered pioneers and 23% in the learning phase (data from the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano).

The Center of Excellence adopts a structured approach to AI propositions, focusing on five fundamental pillars:

  • Evaluate the company’s current state in AI adoption.
  • Identify areas where AI can bring significant benefits.
  • Define a strategy consistent with the identified use cases.
  • Choose the AI technology best suited to specific needs.
  • Analyze the use cases based on criteria of strategic alignment, effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, security, and ethics.

DGS Factor-IA offers a wide range of innovative services and solutions, including Cognitive Search, Cognitive Services, Generative AI, Data Platform, Process Mining, Observability, Conversational AI, Digital Twin, Edge AI, Next Best Action, Product Recommendation, Predictive Maintenance, Insight Engine, Dev Tools, MLOps, and Compliance. Prominent proprietary solutions include ComplEtE®, Digital Lake, and OpenK9. Additionally, the center integrates AI solutions into established platforms like SAP, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Copilot.

Looking ahead, the Italian AI market continues to expand, with increasing attention to intelligent data processing (35% of projects) and virtual assistants/chatbots (25% of projects) – data from the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano. However, challenges such as robustness, explainability, and regulatory compliance remain crucial. The “DGS Factor-IA” Center of Excellence positions itself as a leader in this dynamic scenario, anticipating future challenges and always keeping ethics and security at the forefront.

To learn more, visit the page: DGS Factor-IA.