Service Portal Fundamentals

Create and configure a Service Portal.

This course is designed for “low-code” web administrators and developers / designers who wish to learn how to create Service Portal that offer users a consistent, intuitive and enjoyable experience by accessing their company’s digital services.


  • System Administrator certified, with 6+ months of experience as administrators
  • In addition, are strongly recommended skills related to:
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML

Technical level

  • intermediate

Certification issued

At the end of the course, participants will receive a voucher to take the micro-certification test on Now Learning portal.


A Service Portal provides an alternative user experience to the standard interface of the ServiceNow platform.

The Service Portal application offers the tools necessary to configure, customize and extend the portal components to create a digital experience similar to that which your users are used to visiting e-commerce sites.

During this two-day interactive course, you will learn how to use the Service Portal application to create a portal on instances made available as a “sand-box”.

Participants will be able to:

  • Explore all aspects of the Service Portal application
    Learn how to reconfigure an existing portal
  • Deepen the architecture of the Service Portal
  • Create new Service Portals, Themes, Pages, Menus and Search Sources
  • Understanding how to use and create Widgets
  • Reuse Portal components
  • Explore search features such as Search Sources, Search Facets, and Paging
  • Configure other aspects of the platform to enrich the Service Portal
  • Create a guided tour within the Service Portal
  • These goals will be achieved through a combination of demos, explanations and group discussions.
  • The exercises addressed in the classroom along the way will lead you to build your Service Portal from scratch.

Course duration

  • 2 Days (9:00-17:00)


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