Porini Education

Porini Education

Porini consultants have an established and certified experience, built over the years through hundreds of projects in Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Dynamics 360 and collaborations on Microsoft platforms. 

The high level of experience gained in the field, combined with constant study and research have allowed the Porini team to obtain excellent knowledge of the technologies and the market. For this reason, we can help you in planning a personalized training path that can increase your knowledge and, consequently, the productivity of your team. 

The Learning Path 

The purpose of Porini’s learning path is to take professionals from the basic concept to the most advanced technologies and functionalities of the solutions offered in the consulting business. The motivation is to focus on training-by-role rather than pure training-driven-by-knowledge. 

Discover our learning paths divided into three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). Contact us to receive detailed program details and the contents of the learning pathway you are interested in. 

Education Team 

Porini Education Team is composed of professionals who contribute daily to developing solutions for clients, keeping them up-to-date with technological developments. The consultants access the role of trainers after in-house training and a training course in Microsoft. 

In addition, the consultants most involved in educational activities have also achieved Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) status. 

Training Offerings 

The Porini Education team has built a range of Learning Paths dedicated to the Microsoft solution stack addressed both “on premise” and in Cloud on Microsoft Azure. 

The training offerings are modular and consist of three levels dedicated to the different needs and knowledge of the participants. 

Contact us to plan a customized training program that can increase your knowledge and, therefore, the productivity of your team. 

  • PowerBI 
  • Power Platform 
  • Hybrid work and Microsoft teams 
  • Data Science 
  • Big Data 
  • Azure IoT 
  • Data Journalism 
  • D365 CRM and Marketing 
  • D365 Finance 
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce and Logistics 
  • D365 Developer 
  • SQL Developer 
  • SQL Administrator 
  • Python language 
  • R language 
  • PowerShell language 

Experiential Methodology 

The training courses combine theoretical with practical moments and workshops, during which participants can apply what they have learned to increase their skills, following Porini’s learn by doing approach. Participants can benefit from a preconfigured virtual environment, the training material, as well as the exercises offered in the course for reference. 

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