For Foscarini DGS designs demand, distribution and planning optimization with the ComplEtE® Suite

Foscarini, a leading Italian company in the world of decorative lighting design, which for 40 years has been creating real “icon lamps” in collaboration with international designers, relies on the ComplEtE® Suite of DGS for the optimization of its Supply Chain

In particular, the project involves the implementation of the Demand Management solution to support the demand forecasting and collaborative process. This is to manage all components (sell-in, spare parts, projects), both as article-quantity and economic mix, in a top-down approach. In addition, the introduction of a DRP system will allow a more accurate and simplified management of the distribution processes.

Also, Foscarini has chosen the Advanced Planning System module, which will allow both the management of subcontractors at finite capacity, verifying the possibility of meeting market demand, and the suppliers of lead time materials in order to avoid shortages and give more punctual responses to the market.

The project, which started in May 2023, will end up at the end of October 2024 when the two implementation phases will be completed.

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