DGS attends the Richmond AI Business Forum in Gubbio

When 3 Lug – 5 Lug 2024
Where Park Hotel ai Cappuccini

DGS attends the Richmond AI Business Forum, the event dedicated to artificial intelligence and its applications in the corporate world

From 3 to 5 July, DGS experts are waiting for you at the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini in Gubbio, to introduce you to the wonderful world of AI, discovering the most suitable technologies to develop your business.

AI represents a real revolution in many sectors and the Richmond AI Business Forum is the ideal event to explore the territories connected to this innovation, here you will be able to ask questions, receive answers and find everything you need to design the future of your company.

The event is an opportunity for engineers, developers, startuppers and consultants to discuss digital transformation and the use of Artificial Intelligence to make informed decisions for a modern, intelligent factory in an increasingly automated future.

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