DGS optimizes OCME operations with ComplEtE® solution: a new industry challenge

A further step towards operational efficiency in the packaging industry thanks to the ComplEtE® solution.

OCME, a globally recognized manufacturer of packaging and end-of-line machinery, has chosen DGS as a reliable partner to optimize its production operations and achieve new levels of excellence. This new synergy marks another step forward for DGS in the industrial arena, further consolidating its reputation as a leading provider of advanced IT solutions.

Part of the well-known Aetna Group holding company, Parma-based OCME is actively engaged in research and development, applying an evolutionary approach to packaging. Following the main criteria of automation and environmental sustainability, OCME positions itself as an ideal partner for major players worldwide and, in this light, has decided to rely on DGS to optimize its production operations and reach new levels of excellence through the adoption of the revolutionary ComplEtE® platform, a step that reflects its vision and commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

The ComplEtE® solution of DGS represents an evolution in the approach to the Supply Chain Management. Thanks to advanced tools such as the Advanced Planning System and the MOM modules, OCME will be able to efficiently plan and manage finite capacity resources, optimizing the work orders allocation and the distribution of available resources. The MOM module will also monitor and manage assigned tasks, helping to improve overall operational efficiency and planning accuracy.

Specifically, the project involves the implementation of the Advanced Planning System module to improve business resource planning. This module is able to simulate and manage resources considering their finite capacities. One of the main functions is the integration of work order management, which allows to plan based on advanced heuristics. Work orders are divided into activities with specific start and end dates, and relationship constraints between the activities are applied. These activities are then allocated to the available resources.

The purpose of the MOM module, on the other hand, is to record and account for the working hours spent on the assigned work orders and tasks. The collected data is then transmitted to the planning module (Planning), which is natively integrated with the MOM module. This link allows to calculate the progress of tasks automatically and to quickly execute new planning of work orders and activities using heuristic algorithms.

A key point that influenced the customer’s decision was the ability of ComplEtE® to orchestrate business processes by facilitating interaction between the various departments. For this reason, approval workflows have been created with automatic messages between the users involved, both upstream and downstream of the process.

The project aims, therefore, to implement advanced planning and operational management tools in order to optimize the use of resources, the monitoring of work orders and activities, as well as the overall management of business processes.

The acquisition of OCME as a customer strongly emphasizes DGS’ commitment to providing tailor-made, state-of-the-art solutions that meet every specific need, supporting each customer in growth and positioning itself as a strategic partner for innovation and success.

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