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Cyber Services

Cyber services

An expert team of security professionals and latest generation platforms dedicated to identifying and reducing the attack surface of your company to make infrastructure, processes, data and people more secure.

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VA/PT – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

Vulnerability identification of an IT infrastructure is the first step to reduce the attack surface with the aim of reducing the associated risk.
Our offer includes: VA/PT, NPT, WAPT, MAPT, Wireless Assessment (WA).

BAS – Breach Attack Simulation

We simulate breaches and attacks to test your company’s entire Cyber Security infrastructure by imitating the techniques, tactics and procedures used by malicious actors.

EASM – External Attack Surface Management

With the external attack surface management (EASM) service, we continuously search for vulnerabilities and anomalies in systems and technologies – such as infrastructure, third-party services and applications – that could exploit entry or exit points on interfaces public.
Identifying and monitoring changes in the external attack surface is critical to pinpointing the actions you need to take to secure your attack surface.

Blue Team

The Blue Team defends your company from attacks, eliminates security risks and responds when cybersecurity incidents occur.

Red Team

The Red Team simulates the attacker and tries to take over the systems using the vulnerabilities of technologies and people. Once this hacking phase is over, it takes care that all the vulnerabilities found are reported and eliminated.

Purple Team

The Purple Team merges tools and knowledge from both Blue Team and Red Team and allows us to help you respond to threats more efficiently. Information security risks are constantly evolving and this new collaborative approach ensures better protection, containment and response.

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