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We help you to have complete visibility of your IT infrastructure. Visibility is the key to knowing your attack surface with the aim of identifying risks, monitoring all attack vectors, and managing vulnerabilities to protect your assets and your brand.

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The multi-layered visibility of business applications in terms of usage, operational flows, and infrastructure architecture allows you to mitigate the risk associated with cyber threats and increase the operational resilience of business services.Our offer includes: Application Flow, Application Mapping.


Measuring compliance with Best Practices and industry regulations allows you to reduce the risk associated with cyber threats. Having clear visibility of the degree of compliance is essential for planning the evolution of your security infrastructure with a clear road map.

Data & Information

Multi-level visibility into data access and use allows you to proactively manage the risk associated with information loss and increase your organization’s operational resiliency.

Our offer includes: Data Governance, Data Breach Management, Data Protection (in Motion, Data at Rest, Data at Use).


With Identity solutions we guarantee multi-level visibility of identities in terms of profiling and use. With these premises, your company becomes able to proactively manage the risk associated with operations, increasing its operational resilience.

Our offer includes: Identity Governance, PAM, IAM, IGA, Secrets Management, ICES.

Security Posture

Security Posture solutions allow you to have a direct overview of the security status of a corporate IT infrastructure, to organize its defenses and to respond effectively and quickly to any attacks.


Multilayered visibility into threats allows you to proactively manage associated risk, increasing business operational resilience.

Our offer includes: Threat Hunting, Threat Detection, Threat Intelligence, Threat Emulation.


Thanks to a clear visibility of the vulnerabilities of an IT infrastructure, you will have the information necessary to plan and implement the necessary actions to reduce the attack surface and the associated risk.

Our offer includes: VA/PT, NPT, WAPT, MAPT, Wireless Assessment (WA), BAS, EASM.

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