ComplEtE® by DGS: The Revolutionary Solution for Supply Chain Management in Logistica Management’s 2023-2024 Directory

ComplEtE®, DGS’s solution for Supply Chain management, is featured also this year in the Information Technology section of Logistica Management’s 2023-2024 Directory, where DGS stands as one of the leading providers of integrated solutions for the Supply Chain.

ComplEtE® is a cloud-based platform that leverages on Artificial Intelligence algorithms to replicate the entire value chain, ensuring optimal performance and reducing overall execution time. The Suite offers a range of “smart services”, including Demand & Inventory Management, Strategic & Tactical Planning, Production Scheduling, MES, and Supplier Collaboration. These services can be utilized individually or in combination, depending on the client’s needs.

To learn more about the features of the Suite, please refer to the ComplEtE® Data Sheetwithin the Third section of the Logistica Management Directory.