Clivet relies on the ComplEtE® solution of DGS.

A new approach to sales forecasting and demand enhancement with ComplEtE®.

Clivet, the Italian company that for over 30 years has been offering solutions for sustainable comfort and wellbeing for individuals and the environment, has decided to rely on the ComplEtE® Suite of DGS for a better and more accurate sales forecasting.

After having started its activity by producing chillers and heat pumps, continuing over the years with the development of innovative ranges of specialized systems, Clivet completes its offering by integrating it with the products, technologies and distribution organizations of the MIDEA group, thanks to an industrial alliance in 2016. Currently Clivet is a European leader in the design, production and distribution of heat pump systems for air conditioning, heating, air renewal and purification with a wide range of solutions for the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. Hence the need for a reliable solution to fully meet management requirements.

The choice of the ComplEtE® solution of DGS stemmed from the company’s need to compensate for the absence of a tool that offered an accurate sales forecast, in order to manage warehouse stocks and production in an effective and timely manner.

ComplEtE® and the Demand Management module, has been chosen after the effective realization of a Proof of Concept (POC) using the customer’s data.

The POC was not only an excellent starting point for the project, but also an opportunity for the customer to become familiar with the solution.

Specifically, the project involves the implementation of the Demand Management module, through which Clivet will be able to: determine the mathematical forecast of meta-articles built on combinations of relevant attributes; detect outliers, trends and seasonality by means of advanced algorithms; project demand for new replacement or end-of-life combinations of attributes (advanced replacement management, phase in/phase out); support the budget drafting, which becomes an input for the sales revision of the mathematical forecast; monitor the demand for accessories purchased from subcontractors, based on the estimated sales of articles produced by the company; valorize demand economically, according to time-variation price lists and discounts per distributor.

Once again, DGS takes up the challenge and acquires a major new customer by creating a dedicated and customized project, thanks to the innovative ComplEtE® solution.

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